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NCPDPNational Council for Prescription Drug Programs
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There is a considerable amount of work that can be done, and NCPDP is offering its forum and consensus-building process to industry experts to identify and prioritize needs and challenges and develop solutions.
Our collaboration with NCPDP will lead to even greater process and cost improvements for healthcare and other sectors of the life sciences.
As a founding leader of NCPDP, Charlie Pulido was instrumental in laying the foundation for NCPDP's solutions-building process," explained NCPDP president Lee Ann Stember.
NCPDP pioneered real-time exchange of clinical and financial data in the pharmacy sector, and remains steadfast in its commitment to developing sustainable, outcomes-based, work-flow-enabled standards that are interoperable and support better quality patient care.
In addition to increasing awareness and driving implementation of the full functionality in ePrescribing standards, NCPDP pressed forward with two new standards that are now available for industry adoption and implementation.
We are pleased to be recommended by NCVHS as an operating rules entity," stated Lee Ann Stember, President of NCPDP.
NCPDP said it agrees with the FDA that it is critical to address accuracy and record keeping but cautioned "against an expectation that changes to the current systems can ever compensate for the failure to maintain complete and accurate records.
In 2013, NCPDP published a white paper detailing a plan for standardizing PDMPs on a national level using the Telecommunication Standard and best practices to improve clinical decision making at point-of-care, and support real-time access to PDMP data across state lines.
Welcomes Endorsement by ASC X12 for NCVHS to Recommend NCPDP as Operating Rule Entity for Healthcare Industry under PPACA
According to NCPDP, ePA transactions provide a standard process that automates the time-consuming, paper-based process of coordinating prior approval on certain drugs, giving doctors and other prescribers access to information on covered medications at the point of care.
Health and Human Services Department (HHS) on its Final Rules announcement on "meaningful use" of an Electronic Health Record (EHR), including the adoption of NCPDP SCRIPT Standard for the secure, electronic transmission of prescriptions and prescription-related information.
As NCPDP members begin operating, or consider setting up international operations, they likely will use NCPDP standards to improve patient safety and communication and make it easier for pharmacies, insurers, prescribers and manufacturers to do business with each other.