NCPENational Committee on Pay Equity
NCPENational Commission for the Promotion of Equality (Malta)
NCPENoncardiogenic Pulmonary Edema
NCPENational Curriculum Physical Education (UK)
NCPENational College of Physical Education
NCPENevada Center for Public Ethics (Las Vegas, NV)
NCPENational Center for Public Education (University of Rhode Island; Kingston, RI)
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The Ombudsman has accused Vitriolo of convincing PLM to continue issuing diplomas and transcript of records for the NCPE program even after PLM suspended, in 2008, the 1996 agreement with NCPE.
The Argand plots at different temperatures for the NCPE (CSNC2) are shown in Figures 19(a)-19(c).
La NCPE combina derechos liberales con derechos colectivos e instituciones indigenas con liberales.
NCPE Chairman, Abdul Kareem Al-Haqabani, said a hike in private school fees was implemented with the Ministry of Education's permission and in line with the guidelines laid down by the ministry after studying the justifications of school owners for implementing such an increase.
Es que desde la aprobacion de la NCPE buena parte de las ONGs, dada su tradicional cercania a las organizaciones indigenas y su mirada critica hacia el capitalismo y las industrias extractivas, tendieron a distanciarse fuertemente de la orientacion de las politicas del gobierno nacional, mas aun con el rol que jugo el gobierno en el reciente conflicto del TIPNIS19.
En la zona se eligieron mas de 6 mil hectareas susceptibles de afectarse para el NCPE y se les asignaron al principio a campesinos de Tenosique, Tabasco, con la idea de que se dedicaran a la pesca.
El estudio se centrara en la etapa reciente de la colonizacion del oriente del territorio, area que denomino franja fronteriza chimalapa, analizo el periodo de la formacion de ejidos y NCPE.
4) Far from arming labour with the theoretical tools required to advance the struggle for socialism and social justice, the NCPE has helped lead the labour movement into its current impasse.
Economist Diana Furchgott-Roth, a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute who recently represented business at an NCPE forum, supports "equal pay for equal work" but claims that comparable worth causes labor shortages because men refuse to take jobs where their wages will be tied to women's.
Vitriolo allegedly did so even with prior knowledge that the NCPE, which later changed its name to Integrated College of Physical Education and Sports, was no longer on CHEd's list of accredited tertiary institutions.
NCPE, which Americans United co-chairs, noted several other concerns: "[V]ouchers underserve many students, including low-income students who often cannot afford private schools even with a voucher, students in rural areas who may have no other educational options nearby, and students with disabilities who often cannot find private schools to serve their needs.