NCPERSNational Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems
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Under this new partnership, IDENTITY GUARD is joining NCPERS in the battle against the rising threat of identity theft and Personally Identifying Information ("PII") exposure due to data breaches.
NCPERS surveyed 241 state and local government pension funds with more than 12.
According to NCPERS, the hotel rate for their annual meeting at the Hilton Hawaiian Village is 44 percent below the cost of accommodations for their 2012 annual meeting in New York City.
NCPERS is proud to announce our new Fiduciary Liability insurance program," said Patrick McElligott, NCPERS President.
NCPERS is a unique network of public trustees, administrators, public officials and investment professionals who collectively oversee more than $3 trillion in retirement funds managed on behalf of six million retirees and 14 million active public servants.
Roddy, Counsel for Amicus Curiae for the National Association of Shareholder and Consumer Attorneys, +1-732-636-8000; Jeff McCord for NCPERS and NASCAT, +1-540-364-4769.
The UFT believes that education is the door to a productive life and that their students have what it takes to overcome personal and financial strains in the pursuit of learning," said incoming NCPERS President Mel Aaronson.
Julian Regan, Vice President/Senior Consultant with The Marco Consulting Group, who collaborated with NCPERS on the initiative, noted that private sector lapses and lack of adherence to risk controls led to the collapse of well-known Wall Street firms and contributed to market losses that at one point eliminated $4 trillion from pensions worldwide.
And as both the GAO and NCPERS have noted, the few plans that are in well-publicized trouble typically have not been adequately funded by their government sponsors.
The 2011 NCPERS Public Fund Study, conducted by the National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems (NCPERS) and Cobalt Community Research, surveyed no less than 215 public pension funds in March and April.