NCPIENational Coalition for Parent Involvement in Education
NCPIENational Council on Patient Information and Education
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FamilyWize has a long tradition of delivering value to consumers and raising awareness of the need to talk about medications, from access to affordability to advocacy, through their partners," said Ray Bullman, Executive Vice President of the NCPIE.
Vieson is serving a three-year term on the board with NCPIE.
To avoid such complications, NCPIE suggests that seniors take the following steps:
Prescription Solutions and NCPIE both offer tips for consumers when it comes to taking prescription medications, including:
Chief Operating Officer, American Pharmacists Association and Chair of the NCPIE Board of Directors.
Solow joining the NCPIE Board as the first corporate PBM representative on their prestigious roster of directors, we have an opportunity to better serve our clients and members," said Dr.
About the Report To prepare this new report, in the fall of 2012, NCPIE commenced a new initiative called the Adherence Action Agenda or the "A[sup.
To build upon this counseling relationship, NCPIE will enlist the pharmacy community in promoting the Be MedWise campaign through chain drug stores, community pharmacists and community-based clinics and community/senior centers.
When a medicine is part of a treatment plan, it is vitally important that patients and their healthcare providers communicate effectively about the value it can have if used appropriately," noted Ray Bullman, NCPIE Executive Vice President.
We are pleased to join with NCPIE for a second year on such an important public education initiative with the goal to ensure that consumers use medications safely and appropriately," said Patricia Royer, vice president, Consumer Affairs for Merck-Medco, which manages prescription drug benefits for more than 51 million Americans.
The NCPIE "Communicate to Stay Healthy" Planning Kit includes: updated statistics detailing the extent of medication misuse and noncompliance; reproducible articles on educating special populations (older adults, women, children, and low-literacy populations); tips for conducting a medicine check-up; sample radio scripts and public service announcements; and a free "Communicate to Stay Healthy" lapel badge and poster.