NCPIENational Coalition for Parent Involvement in Education
NCPIENational Council on Patient Information and Education
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The NCPIE report helps to bolster those ongoing efforts, she said.
The strong educational effort is badly needed, according to a recent study conducted by Harris Interactive for NCPIE.
To avoid such complications, NCPIE suggests that seniors take the following steps:
Although the challenge of poor medication adherence has been discussed and debated extensively, the problem has generally been underaddressed as a serious public health issue and, as a result, has received little direct, systematic or sustained intervention," explains NCPIE executive vice president Ray Bullman.
Prescription Solutions and NCPIE both offer tips for consumers when it comes to taking prescription medications, including:
The strategy would have all stakeholders coordinate resources and speak with a single voice and would create a clearinghouse managed by NCPIE.
Solow joining the NCPIE Board as the first corporate PBM representative on their prestigious roster of directors, we have an opportunity to better serve our clients and members," said Dr.
NCPIE asserts that the finding on consumers taking medications reinforces something discovered in a similar poll done two years earlier.
Conducted for NCPIE by Harris Interactive, the poll makes the following conclusions:
The need to encourage consumers to ask their pharmacists for advice about non-prescription drugs became clear when NCPIE commissioned a comprehensive national survey to examine attitudes and beliefs and OTC medicines.
A survey conducted last year on behalf of NCPIE found pharmacists interact with more than 250 patients a week and, when counseling consumers about nonprescription drug use, 72% of those health care professionals spend at least a minute providing advice on when and how to take O-T-C drugs correctly.
NCPIE is also running full-page ads in national magazines to complement television spots that began this year.