NCPNNational Career Pathways Network (Waco, TX)
NCPNNieuwe Communistische Partij Nederland (Dutch political party)
NCPNNew Communist Party of the Netherlands
NCPNNorthern Colorado Plateau Network (US NPS; aka Northern Colorado Plateau Inventory and Monitoring Network)
NCPNNational Centre Party of Nigeria
NCPNNational Community Pharmacy Network (NDCHealth)
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Today the CCPP stands as a cooperative program of UC Riverside's Department of Plant Pathology and Microbiology, CDFA, USDA APHIS and the NCPN, as well as the state's citrus industry as represented by the California Citrus Nursery Board (CCNB) and the Citrus Research Board (CRB).
Our NCPN membership is off to a great start and promises to deliver a positive impact to our member stores by creating access to new revenue streams," said Kevin Connor, vice president and general manager, AccessHealth.
Under the TrueCare NCPN agreement, TrueCare has endorsed NDCHealth's network solutions, including network claims adjudication, claims editing services, as well as other market support services.
We believe our involvement in NCPN offers our member stores enhanced quality and value in their network services and significant revenue generating opportunities, specifically in regard to the growing market of manufacturer- sponsored programs," said Clark Balcom, chief operating officer, TrueCare Pharmacy.
Leveraging its relationships and connectivity with pharmacies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, hospitals, physicians and payers, NDCHealth created NCPN as a means to forge alliances among pharmaceutical manufacturers, buying groups, wholesale distributors and system vendors to provide innovative solutions that allow community pharmacies to become more competitive and improve patient care.
Our sponsorship of NCPN demonstrates our commitment to supporting community pharmacy by utilizing technology and alliances among members of the healthcare industry.
Thirty-three organizations, representing 18,000 independent community pharmacies, took part in launching NCPN last October.
Participating in NCPN has delivered a positive impact to our member stores both from a customer relationship and a financial standpoint," said David Goot, vice president for program development, United Drugs, one of the original NCPN participants.
All participants of NCPN are required to respect the privacy of personally identified healthcare information and conform to current HIPAA privacy and security guidelines as conditions of their participation.
Already, 33 organizations have signed agreements or letters of intent to participate in NCPN.
QS/1 fully supports NCPN, its participants and community pharmacies in this exciting new endeavor," stated Bill Cobb, President of QS/1 Data Systems.
Independent pharmacies, in particular, may have much to gain from NCPN programs.