NCPPNational Council on Public Polls
NCPPNational Centre for Partnership and Performance (Ireland)
NCPPNational Center for Public Productivity
NCPPNational Commission on Prevention Priorities (Washington, DC)
NCPPNorthern California Professional Photographers
NCPPNational Council on Pet Population
NCPPNearest Codeword Problem with Pre-Processing
NCPPNon-Cyclic Photophosphorylation
NCPPNational Coordinator Ports Policing (UK police border controller)
NCPPNational Campaign to Prevent Pregnancy (various locations)
NCPPNational Conference on Philanthropic Planning (annual)
NCPPNational Center for Public Policy (political think tank)
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NCPP aims to expand their membership program through a wide range of opportunities and benefits.
The results were published in the 1994-1995 NCPP Conference Proceedings (pages 192-193).
We use the complete set (3) of polls included in the NCPP report to assess predictive accuracy in statewide polls in 2012.
As the NCPP biannual surveys essentially repeat the same basic questions, at the least, this specification contributes to face validity.
Table 5 summarizes the NCPP scores for CPB and CE for each CPS over the course of the lifetime for a US birth cohort and our cross-sectional analysis of the impact of each CPS on clinical events prevented.
NCPP advocates improving pavement conditions in a cost-effective way.
The NCPP has been described in detail elsewhere (Niswander & Gordon, 1972).
In addition to regular interactions with public procurement practitioners and contract purchasing organizations, membership in NCPP will provide an independent forum to collectively address cooperative contract procurement concerns with greater impact.
Following the elections, the National Council on Public Polls (NCPP) compiled and analyzed a compendium of 507 final state-level preelection polls conducted after October 15, 2008 (see NCPP 2008 for details and a complete list of polls included).
The NCPP was initiated > 40 years ago to prospectively investigate the prenatal and familial antecedents of childhood disorders (Hardy 2003).
The NCPP summoned the chief editor of al-Midan, Madiha Abdalla, on Monday to investigate her on the complaint filed by the NISS against the newspaper.
The acquisition of The Company was undertaken by the issuance of four million (4,000,000) restricted shares to the shareholders of The Company by NCPP.