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NCPRNorth Carolina phosphate rock
NCPRNational Coalition of Petroleum Retailers
NCPRNATO Civilian Personnel Regulations
NCPRNational Coalition for Patient Rights
NCPRNorth Central Prairie Region
NCPRNeutron Core Partical Repeater (Anime)
NCPRNational Communications and Public Relations
NCPRNational Council for Policy Review
NCPRNational Clearinghouse for Paraeducator Resources
NCPRNorthern California Planning and Research
NCPRNational Cowboy Poetry Rodeo
NCPRNational Consensus on Political Reform
NCPRNonconforming Product Report
NCPRNational Center for Policy Research National Center for Policy Research for Women and Families
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Lawrence University for its ongoing support of NCPR.
Lawrence has let NCPR blossom into an important megaphone for important issues affecting the local community.
Approximately 93 [+ or -] 1% of the P in NCPR was also recovered in the acid soluble and residual fractions (Fig.
The higher percentage recovery of F in the residual fraction and the lower F recovery in the acid fraction compared to their corresponding P fractions that were derived from the addition of NCPR and SSP (Fig.
B) Percentage dissolution of NCPR and SPR was very similar in all 18 soils (Fig.
The percentage NCPR dissolution values obtained from this study were similar to those obtained for the NCPR with the same 18 soils by Hughes and Gilkes (1994).
Hughes and Gilkes (1994) indicated that titratable acidity had a major influence on NCPR dissolution in 228 WA soils.
Soil properties that are most closely related to percentage PR dissolution Untransformed data NCPR SPR Property [r.
SSP was much more effective for production of yield than NCPR and SPR for soil 2, soil 5, and soil 14 (Fig.
SSP was more effective for producing plant yield than either NCPR or SPR for all 18 soils.
Previous studies have also shown that NCPR and SPR are about equally effective for producing plant yield (Fenster and Leon 1979; Hammond 1979; Mackay et al.
Previous research in WA has shown that NCPR is poorly effective compared with SSP, both in the year of application and in the years after (Bolland et al.