NCPTANational Confederation of Parent Teacher Associations (UK)
NCPTANorth Carolina Physical Therapy Association (Raleigh, NC)
NCPTANorth Carolina Public Transportation Association (Wilmington, NC)
NCPTANational Circus and Physical Theatre Association (Australia)
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NCPTA is proactively working with the Department of Public Instruction to provide insight on what information school communities and local PTA units across the State need in a guidance document for school gardens.
NC Symphony Resident Conductor William Henry Curry will be the guest speaker at the NCPTA Annual Awards and Reflections Ceremony.
Lee Walker, North East regional adviser for NCPTA, said: "Increasingly schools are looking to their PTA for fundraising support to add value to school life.
With nearly 13,000 member PTAs the NCPTA represents the voice of around seven million parents," she said.
Using evidence-based methods, NCPTA is impacting students' learning opportunities by connecting the dots between teachers, schools and parents in ways that enable them to communicate and work together on improving student achievement.
NCPTA spokeswoman Margaret Morrissey said: "Schools are still going to parents cap in hand for money for extras, and sometimes even for their basic needs.
NCPTA chief executive David Butler said: ``Primary pupils are over- tested and the Government needs to address this issue immediately.
A spokeswoman for the NCPTA said the law allowed parents to take their children out of class for a two-week holiday.
The NCPTA say that in extreme cases even teachers' wages are paid out of voluntary contributions.
But parents are finding themselves increasingly being asked to provide funding for essential items, the NCPTA said, with primary schools in particular reliant on fundraising from parents.
But she says the NCPTA is 'very supportive' of the wrap around primary school care, although staff supervising the children need to be properly trained.
Mrs Margaret Morrissey, of the NCPTA which represents seven million state school parents, said: "As soon as teachers start taking action it is the children that suffer.