NCPTWNational Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing
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As an NCPTW colleague recalls, "It is hard to think about the peer tutoring conference's birth without Kathy as the midwife and Mike to pass out cigars, smiling so broadly that he can barely speak.
Through their work in the NCPTW, Kathleen Cain and Michael Rossi have become nationally recognized leaders in promoting the value of educating students to take one another seriously and work together effectively as writers and thinkers.
1) We would like to acknowledge members of the audience at our IWCA/ NCPTW session at Hershey for suggesting several helpful options for refining this study.
Jean Donovan Sanborn, Professor of English and the recently retired Director of the Farnham Writers' Center at Colby College, has won the 2003 NCPTW Ron Maxwell Award for Distinguished Leadership in Promoting the Collaborative Learning Practices of Peer Tutors in Writing.