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NCQANational Committee for Quality Assurance
NCQANational Council on Quality Assurance (Washington, DC)
NCQANational Centre for Quality Assessment in Health Care (est. 1994; Poland)
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NCQA is committed to providing health care quality information for consumers, purchasers, health care providers and researchers.
Overall, plans that have an NCQA accreditation and release the results to the public performed better than those that do not, the study found.
When NCQA starts to track member satisfaction next year, the number of categories will rise to 75.
Professionals who earn PCMH Content Expert Certification will distinguish themselves as authorities on the most transformative delivery system improvement of the last five years," said NCQA President Margaret E.
He replaces Esther Emard, who is retiring as COO of NCQA after almost 14 years.
NCQA is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to improving health care quality.
In its assessment report, NCQA gave Medica the highest ratings possible in two key areas: "consumer satisfaction" and "prevention.
The annual State of Health Care Quality Report provides measure-by-measure results across the nation, but we are most excited to understand by looking at quality innovations at the local level," said NCQA Vice President of Public Policy and Communications Sarah Thomas.
Stankaitis, Chief Medical Officer, Monroe Plan for Medical Care and NCQA Review Oversight Committee member noted, "With the Affordable Care Act driving monumental changes in the healthcare delivery arena, Monroe Plan believes that achieving NCQA accreditation for case management would provide a greater degree of assurance for its regulators, partners, practices and communities by demonstrating that Monroe Plan has what it takes to provide optimal person-centered care.
NCQA accreditation has always been aspirational because it challenges plans to meet ever-higher expectations of performance," explains NCQA President Margaret E.
Public comment is a valuable step in the development process and allows NCQA to obtain input on whether these standards are the right ones to measure quality care as well as which ones may be too challenging for current practice.
NCQA assigns the "Accredited with Performance Reporting" status to wellness and health promotion organizations that submit audited NCQA technical specifications as part of the review process.