NCQHCNational Committee for Quality Health Care
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NQF's board will consist of current board members, plus two new appointments drawn from the former NCQHC Board.
For more information on NCQHC please go to their website at http://www.
CONTACT: Bruce McWhinney, Chairman of NCQHC Board of Trustees, +1-614-757-7119
CONTACT: Jessica Balaban of Ketchum, +1-646-935-4054, for NCQHC
In addition to the award, the NCQHC granted a certificate of honorable mention for a program targeted to a special population.
The National Quality Health Care Award, co-sponsored by Modern Healthcare magazine, was instituted by the NCQHC in 1993.
Dwyer, NCQHC Chairman and Senior Director, Strategic Marketing - HealthSystems Division, Abbott Laboratories, said, "The NCQHC created this award to recognize excellence in creating dramatic change in health care delivery, not by elected officials in Washington, but by the men and women who work year-in and year-out in the health care industry.
The NCQHC has always been on the leading edge of health care issues," says Gaintner.
The NCQHC is the health care industry's most broadly based coalition of hospitals and hospital system, health care organizations, pharmaceutical corporations, and other professional firms that supply goods and services for the health care system.
CONTACT: Erin Martin of the Pathway Health Network, 617-632-8046, or Lisa Ververs of NCQHC, 202-347-5731/
A board of seven jurors selected by categories representing consumer groups, provider groups, purchaser groups, and the past chairman of the NCQHC judged the applicants on leadership, quality health outcomes, financial management, and their commitment to meeting community health needs.
CONTACT: Joan Simmons of NCQHC, 202-347-5231; or Annette De Lorenzo of HFHS, 313-876-2882/