NCQLPNational Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions
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NCQLP candidate registers and pays for the exam through www.
E-mail proof of payment for the NCQLP exam to pmcgillicuddy@ies.
Study groups facilitated by experienced lighting practitioners (who have attained Lighting Certification) are of value to anyone preparing for the NCQLP exam; this curriculum is intended to support local study groups, as well as individuals who do not have access to a group.
Study groups are in no way associated with NCQLP, nor does participation in these sessions guarantee examination success.
He has also served on a number of committees and has provided leadership and promotion of IES programs, as well as work for the IALD, NCQLP, Teachers of Lighting Workshop, The Nuckolls Fund and a number of related organizations.
Currently, Puerto Rico has no academic institution with a lighting design program or an NCQLP certification preparation program.
As NCQLP states on its website, "LC is not a specific qualification in highly specialized practices such as lighting design, survey and auditing.