NCRCNational Community Reinvestment Coalition
NCRCNational Capital Revitalization Corporation
NCRCNational Cave Rescue Commission
NCRCNonwovens Cooperative Research Center
NCRCNational Campus and Community Radio Conference (Canada)
NCRCNorth Carolina Roadrunners Club
NCRCNorthern California Racing Club
NCRCNorth Central Regional Council (of Nahro)
NCRCNorthern California Rover Club
NCRCNorthwest Community Revitalization Corporation (Minnesota)
NCRCNational Calibration Reference Centre for Bioassay and in Vivo Monitoring (Canada)
NCRCNew Charles River Crossing
NCRCNorthern California Reinvestment Consortium, Inc.
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We are very disappointed in this decision," said NCRC Chief of Membership and Policy Jesse Van Tol.
CRM Pakistan, which is a coalition of more than 200 civil society organizations working for the protection and promotion of child rights, has demanded to call the meeting of the Standing Committee soon after the Eid-ul-Fitr to review the NCRC Bill on priority and returning the National Assembly without any further delay.
GROWTH represents the perfect example of how community leaders, government and financial institutions can come together around a common agenda to have a positive impact in low- and moderate-income neighborhoods," said NCRC President and CEO John Taylor.
The CFPB database should also have more detail about the nature of the complaint, and include a short narrative description of the complaint, so that the public knows more about whether the issue concerned price, quality of service, or other issues," the NCRC analysis read.
Moscow-based NCRC was established last December to drive the massive tourism project, which will create up to 300,000 new jobs.
NCRC contended that the bank's lending practices discriminated against Hispanics and African Americans because row houses valued under $100,000 are more heavily concentrated in African-American and Hispanic neighborhoods.
NCRC will serve as the research arm of the institute with a goal of enhancing and developing nonwoven products.
NCRC testified that Congress should allow the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) to offer "FHA rescue loam" to families facing foreclosure.
NCRC wants more investigation of the price differentials among racial and other groups.
Earthwatch will manage the partnership between Cadbury Schweppes and NCRC and co-ordinate teams of international volunteers who will collect data to measure the impact of new farming meth-ods and join Ghanaian research staff in the field.
In 2005, NCRC founded its Center for Responsible Evaluations and Appraisals, which developed a code of conduct that includes acceptance of a dispute resolution procedure developed with the American Arbitration Association.
NCRC seeks to increase fair and equal access to credit, capital, and banking services to underserved communities through information and advocacy.