NCRENational Computer Rank Examination (China)
NCRENational Council on Rehabilitation Education
NCRENon-Conventional Renewable Energy (law; Chile)
NCRENational Cereals Research and Extension (Cameroon)
NCRENaval Construction Research Establishment
NCRENational Christian Resources Exhibition (UK)
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NCRE position statement on undergraduate rehabilitation education.
According to NCRE, the objective is to graduate people who are knowledgeable and literate in the humanities and who have competenncies in the social and psychological sciences as they pertain to people with social, physical, mental, or emotional disabilities.
Chilean President Michelle Bachelet, who last year signed legislation establishing a 15-year 10% NCRE target, says the country will have approximately 200 MW by March, when her term ends.
Two of the most promising NCREs are wind and solar power, which in recent years have taken off like wildfire in countries such as Spain, Germany, and the US.
Aware of the challenge the Country is facing and the importance of supporting NCRE projects, the Bank has recently implemented a commercial strategy to support these types of projects.
Expected Development Impact : The Project will foster the creation of new NCRE sources that have a low environmental impact (solar, wind, small-hydro and geo-thermal) with lower GHG emissions.
National Council on Rehabilitation Education, NCRE Report, 9(4), 2,4.
Proceedings of the NCRE, RSA and CSAVR 1995 Conference.
More such projects are planned and, as the technologies become more cost effective, NCRE plants will almost certainly increase as a percentage of Chile's total generating capacity.
Pinera's professed appreciation for NCREs may very well be genuine.
With paper mills either down or out, the NCRE plant would create a market for low-grade wood that "would in essence replace the wood that was consumed by the Berlin mill," said Stock.
The Royal Agricultural Society of England (RASE) today unveiled the project to create a National Centre for Rural Enterprise - NCRE - which would be an international centre of excellence in agriculture, land and rural development.