NCRENNorth Carolina Research and Education Network
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Unfortunately, MCNC wasn't able to stop the DDoS attack at the perimeter of the NCREN Internet connection.
In addition to all public school districts in North Carolina, the NCREN user-community now includes: 17 institutions of the UNC System and General Administration; 19 North Carolina Charter Schools, 27 of the 36 North Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities; 58 North Carolina Community Colleges; research institutions and foundations; and, along with the N.
That project will help further expand the footprint of NCREN to a total of 69 counties in rural Northeastern, Northwest and South Central parts of North Carolina, potentially reaching 5.
NCREN provides high-speed Internet, video, audio and data network services for North Carolina public universities, Duke University, Wake Forest University, other private universities and community colleges, state government and non-profit institutions.
IBM and MCNC will work closely with other members of the Consortium and other information technology (IT) vendors to provide the IT infrastructure, including key hardware and software technologies, and staffing to harness computing and data storage resources and make them available to NCGBC members over NCREN.
NCREN provides Internet access, data sharing and videoconferencing.
Litton Network Access Systems will contribute through product and software application development with MCNC and NCREN, the North Carolina Research and Education Network who will focus on the video architecture and standards of performance.
Peggy Davis, Director, NCREN, stated, "Video has emerged as an immensely powerful tool in education and research.