NCRISNational Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (Australia)
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The work Dr Finkel and his Expert Working Group of researchers, stakeholders and business leaders are doing is critically important to develop a new roadmap for NCRIS and direction for research and innovation for the next decade, Minister Birmingham said.
For example, ocean observations can be linked to other data being collected about changes on the mainland under the broader NCRIS program, or fed directly into international marine research community efforts, such as the Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS), or the BlueLINK data assimilation system which uses thousands of Argo robotic reporting floats around the world to give a best estimate of the weekly state of the oceans.
NCRIS supports 27 facilities around Australia, including ANSTOs Centre for Accelerator Science, National Deuteration Facility, Camperdown Cyclotron, and the DINGO, BILBY and EMU neutron beam instruments.