NCRMDNot Criminally Responsible on Account of Mental Disorder
NCRMDNational Capital Region, Maryland
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There is no presumption of dangerousness, and the NCRMD accused does not have the burden of proving he or she does not pose a significant threat.
33) Thus, the Review Board has the duty to seek out enough evidence (both for and against restricting the liberty of the NCRMD accused) to make the best disposition.
In contrast, the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police proposed that NCRMD accused should also be denied the right to refuse treatment.
It reminded the legislators that NCRMD accused and persons found unfit have not been found guilty of an offence.
Walter indicated that the definition of "assessment," was inappropriately restricted to the judicial function of rendering a verdict on the NCRMD issue, and therefore did not enable Review Boards to obtain needed information.
The PPAO also advocated giving Review Boards the power to order that community therapeutic and support services be provided to NCRMD accused.
While Parliament declined to expand Review Board jurisdiction in the areas of assessment and treatment of NCRMD accused in the 2005 amendments to Part XX.
In short, the Crown, on behalf of its forensic officials, was seeking to keep the Review Board out of "micro-managing" (its word) the in-hospital treatment program of an NCRMD accused in the interests of greater freedom of movement than the hospital might deem appropriate.
Of the 276 individuals, who were identified as having been found NCRMD in B.
In addition, 80 per cent of the NCRMD group was white while 9.
8 per cent on the NCRMD group had been admitted to a general psychiatric facility on four or more occasions.
In addition, the majority of the NCRMD were financially supported primarily through social assistance or pension while 10.