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NCRPNational Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements
NCRPNational Committee for Responsive Philanthropy
NCRPNational Corrections Reporting Program
NCRPNational Cancer Registry Programme (India)
NCRPNationally Coordinated Research Programme
NCRPNon-Computer Related Problem
NCRPNational Center on Radiation Protection
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We observe (from Figure 14) the BPI-based link selection strategy to effectively balance this tradeoff and incur larger values for the NCRP score under all the 16 different scenarios of network density and node mobility.
sentences we only use NCRP data for prisoners who died in prison because
Factors Affecting Decision--Making in a Nuclear Attack, " NCRP Report, 42.
The first analysis presented assessed the compatibility of the NCRP data, which supplies admissions and releases from prison, and the National Adult Correctional Census data by examining intercensal population change.
The first comprehensive report on Time Trends in Cancer Incidence Rates: 1982-2005 under the NCRP of the ICMR has been recently published (NCRP, 2009).
We did about seventy-five interviews, and one of the things we heard was that people wanted to know what NCRP thought exemplary philanthropy really looked like.
This Presidential Report from NCRP presents radiation protection advice concerning ionizing radiation-producing devices that are being evaluated for various uses in screening of humans for the purpose of security.
Aliado a este resultado, o fato de que durante o experimento nenhum animal mostrou desconforto, sinais de queimaduras, ou reacao de dor aos tratamentos efetuados, como os relatados por NCRP (1983), BROMILEY (1993), KOTTKE & LEHMANN (1994), PAULA (1994), LONGO (1996), MOROS et al.
143) Pfaff, Trends in Prison Release, supra note 1, uses the NCRP to examine in more detail the forces influencing release rates since the mid-1980s.
resident is exposed to nearly six times as much radiation from medical devices than in 1980, according to the preliminary results of a study presented on April 16 at the National Council on Radiation Protection & Measurements, or NCRP, annual meeting in Arlington, Va.
According to NCRP, that labyrinth today has grown so large and sophisticated that it is
The donations do buy Wal-Mart some good marketing that could encourage people to shop with them, said Jeff Krehely, deputy director of the NCRP.