NCRTNorth Coast Repertory Theatre (Eureka, CA)
NCRTNorthern Central Railroad Trail
NCRTNational Council on Radio and Television (Albania)
NCRTNorthern Central Rail Trail (Maryland)
NCRTNational College of Rubber Technology (now London Metropolitan Polymer Centre; UK)
NCRTNational Council of Rubber Tappers (Brazil)
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The NCRT has identified the following goals: to ensure short-term housing, mental health, physical health, and basic needs of tornado victims are met; track the dispersion of residents due to the tornado; ensure residents and businesses participate in the recovery effort; support job creation efforts and secure the resources and sustain the interagency relationships needed to make long-term recovery successful.
Each organization receiving funds is required to report back on the impact of their efforts and organizations that are part of the NCRT will sign an agreement pledging coordination of data and service efforts.
Progressive's NCRT is made up of an "inside" operations team and an "outside" field response team both consisting of full-time claims representatives from throughout the U.