NCRTNorth Coast Repertory Theatre (Eureka, CA)
NCRTNorthern Central Railroad Trail
NCRTNational Council on Radio and Television (Albania)
NCRTNorthern Central Rail Trail (Maryland)
NCRTNational College of Rubber Technology (now London Metropolitan Polymer Centre; UK)
NCRTNational Council of Rubber Tappers (Brazil)
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To assess the association between NCRTS and survival outcomes and evaluate whether the newly published or updated clinical trials can influence the results of our previous study, a comprehensive search of randomized clinical trials (RCTs) comparing NCRTS versus SA was carried out, and an up-to-date meta-analysis was performed in this study.
sup][12] The criteria for eligibility of the studies were as follows: (1) RCTs evaluating NCRTS versus SA; (2) articles that provided survival data between patients from the NCRTS and SA groups; (3) articles that described the cases and controls in the diagnosis and the sources; and (4) having risk ratio ( RR ) with 95% confidence interval ( CI ) or data that could be calculated.
The following data were extracted from newly included RCTs by two investigators independently: number of participants, publication time, country, tumor histology, NCRTS regimen and sequence (concurrent CRTS or sequential CRTS), patient outcomes including 1-, 3-, and 5-year SRs, and postoperative morbidity and mortality.
A total of 14 studies reported the effect of NCRTS versus SA and the 1-year SR.
The data for the effect of NCRTS on postoperative morbidity were available from 13 studies.
Although nonsignificant heterogeneity was observed for the outcomes, we conducted subgroup analyses for 1-, 3-, and 5-year SRs to evaluate the effect of NCRTS in specific subpopulations [Table 2].
This updated meta-analysis for survival benefits of NCRTS included the data from previously published studies and five new RCTs, with 80% more patients in comparison with the previous meta-analysis.
The results of the previously published meta-analysis indicated that NCRTS increased the SR in patients with EC, which were similar to this updated meta-analysis.
This updated meta-analysis indicated that the recurrence patterns in EC patients treated with NCRTS showed a lower recurrence rate, compared to the SA group.
Patients in NCRT group were divided further into two subgroups by their treatment response.
Several clinical trials have assessed the treatment response to NCRT in LARC and the pCR has ranged from 13.
Patients with LCRC who were treated with NCRT in our institute experienced good pathological responses.