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NCRVNederlandse Christelijke Radio Vereniging (Dutch Christian Radio Association; Netherlands)
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Lot 9 printing and bonding combination of Avrobode, KRO Magazine VARAgids and NCRV guide.
Pubcaster NCRV has a religious programming department as part of its public service mandate.
The jury is out until mid-2003 when NCRV will launch it on Netherlands 1.
Civil War in Moluccan Paradise" (Burgeroorlog in de Molukken), Netherlands, NCRV Television
Veteran Hans Eksteen, head of acquisition for NCRV, says he's "not worried.
Under the plan, EO (Evangelical Broadcaster), KRO and NCRV would form a religious net on Channel 1, AVRO and TROS a general entertainment net on Channel 2 and VPRO and NPS would remain on Channel 3 as the cultural channel.
Filmed in various locations by the BBC, NCRV, VH1 and Castle Music Pictures.
As the series has developed, co-financing partners in the project have come to include Turner Pictures, German pubcaster ARD, Italian pubcaster RAI 1, French pubcaster France 2, Dutch broadcaster NCRV, Czech TV and the U.
Non-originating minority partners have begun contributing to the budgets, with Dutch broadcaster NCRV the first to do so.