NCRVENational Center on Research in Vocational Education
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The ideal data for testing the model presented in the theoretical section, however, would cover a random sample of workers all hired on a specific date, or within a short span of time, and the NCRVE data fall short of that ideal in two ways.
Given the NCRVE survey's focus on firms with low-wage workers, however, the first interpretation seems more likely.
A fuller, more comprehensive analysis would consider worker characteristics not available in the NCRVE data set, and perhaps make probation status of the job an endogenous variable as well.
Readers interested in obtaining the complete NCRVE data set on tape may contact NCRVE directly.
It also provided funds for "experimental programs," according to NCRVE, "to meet the special vocational education needs of youths, particularly youths in economically depressed communities, who have academic, socioeconomic or other handicaps that prevent them from succeeding in regular vocational education pro grams.
Recently, NCRVE started administering a federal grant program for pre-service teachers at colleges of education who are integrating curriculum in academic-technical teams.
We got into [the NCRVE initiative] because our academy prep programs weren't prepared to teach integrated subject matter," Harris says.
Berkeley teacher educators contacted several academy teachers to discuss what unique skills academy teachers needed to succeed in integrating academies with vocational and school-to-work concepts, then used the grant from NCRVE to incorporate those skills into its existing programs.
and to collaborate with employers on the supervision of students," the NCRVE project abstract says.
Norton Grubb, a leading researcher at NCRVE, says legislative success is another key to improving enrollment numbers.
NCRVE filled six pages explaining its methodology for obtaining enrollment figures for its 1990 status report on secondary vocational education in the 1980s.
NCRVE has a page of links to WBL resources at http: / / ncrve.