NCSBNordic Conference on Small Business Research
NCSBNational Cycling Strategy Board (UK)
NCSBNorwegian Customer Satisfaction Barometer (survey)
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The lawsuit began with a letter from the NCSB to LegalZoom that threatened to seek an injunction against LegalZoom preparing or offering to prepare legal documents in the state.
98) The NCSB relied on this definition of law to say that at least part of LegalZoom's services unambiguously constitute the practice of law under North Carolina Law.
It filed a lawsuit against the NCSB asserting that the NCSB (i) violated the antimonopoly laws of North Carolina's constitution; (2) denied LegalZoom Equal Protection; (3) engaged in commercial disparagement; and (4) exceeded its statutory authority.
Despite these arguments, the NCSB urges the court to find that LegalZoom's activities go beyond self-help services by "offering to prepare documents using content that it determines based on the customer's responses to LegalZoom's questionnaire.
117) Similar to the NCSB, the court took issue primarily with LegalZoom's document preparation service.
In the aforementioned case between the NCSB and LegalZoom, the NCSB was quick to cite to this precedent as authority for sanctioning LegalZoom as practicing law without authorization.
The ultimate goal of the NCSB is to provide innovative molecular approaches that can be applied toward soybean improvement.
The NCSB is a collaborative program among scientists at the MU, USDA-ARS Plant Genetics Unit in Columbia, and the Danforth Plant Science Center.
The NCSB, which has a board made up of local councillors, transport experts and Olympic champion cyclist Chris Boardman, also hopes a single agency can be created to deal with the reforms.