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NCSCNational Center for State Courts
NCSCNational Computer Security Center
NCSCNational Crosswalk Service Center
NCSCNational Customer Service Center (GSA)
NCSCNational Care Standards Commission
NCSCNorth Carolina Solar Center
NCSCNational Customer Support Center (USPS)
NCSCNational Computer Security Conference
NCSCNational Cyber Security Center
NCSCNational Commission for Scheduled Castes (India)
NCSCNorth Carolina Supercomputing Center
NCSCNational Certified School Counselor
NCSCNational Cargo Security Council
NCSCNational Council of Senior Citizens
NCSCNational Cooperative Services Corporation (Staples, MN)
NCSCNational Children's Science Congress (India)
NCSCNaval Coastal Systems Center
NCSCNational Child Safety Council
NCSCNortheast Center for Special Care (Lake Katrine, NY)
NCSCNational Communications Security Committee
NCSCNational Civil Society Congress (Kenya)
NCSCNational Collegiate Security Conference
NCSCNational Capital Sun Club
NCSCNational Christian Sports Conference
NCSCNational Complete Streets Coalition
NCSCNuclear Criticality Safety Committee
NCSCNational Coal Supply Corporation Ltd (Israel)
NCSCAmerican National Computer Security Council
NCSCNational Computer Security Classification
NCSCNational Cable Satellite Corporation (C-SPAN)
NCSCNuclear and Chemical Survivability Committee
NCSCNetwork Common Signaling Channel
NCSCNaval Command Support Center
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In this study the 2,277 individuals who applied for the NCSC represented nearly 9% of applicants for the NCC during the same time frame.
The NCSC demands improvements whenever it finds problems and will continue to take firm action against homes that present a potentially life-threatening risk to people through mishandling of their medication.
The NCSC is an independent public body set up to regulate social care and private and voluntary health care services throughout England.
The NCSC has the structure of such a database, he says, but it has never been used.
Repetitive retrieval of this routine information on a per-call basis proved to be time-consuming for the NCSC and aggravating to the customer.
Petrol and chilli powder were also used on him," Vikas Dutt, media advisor to the NCSC vicechairman, told M AIL T ODAY .
Reports received by the NCSC seem to indicate that the spread of Dorifel within organisations has been halted.
This mission is dependent upon an Address Management System (AMS), managed by the NCSC to maintain address accuracy and quality.
The partnership between the Lebanese judiciary, the NCSC and USAID will enhance Lebanese judicial independence through developing the capacity of the judicial training institute.
As a crucial first step in this effort, the NCSC is conducting a national survey, the results of which will give interested states the benefit of objective and comparative information about the jury system in the U.
Until 2003 when NCSC took over, multiple inspections were conducted by the former Birmingham Health Authority, which had responsibility to make one pre-arranged and one unannounced visit each year, and 17 such inspections took place before the Maypole home was closed down.
The NCSC said 12 per cent of homes for older people - about 1,500 - failed to meet the National Minimum Standards set for the proper handling of medication.