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NCSENational Center for Science Education
NCSENational Council for Science and the Environment
NCSENational Council for Special Education
NCSENational Center for School Engagement (Denver, CO)
NCSENeurobehavioral Cognitive Status Examination
NCSENational Centre for Statistical Ecology (UK)
NCSENational Center on Secondary Education
NCSENon-Convulsive Status Epilepticus
NCSENortel Certified Support Expert
NCSEnuclear criticality safety evaluation
NCSENational Council of Structural Engineers
NCSENational Council for Self-Esteem
NCSENewark City Subway Extension (New Jersey)
NCSENorth Carolina Stage Ensemble
NCSENorth Carolina Symposium and Exhibition
NCSENational Computer Security Educators (now the Federal Information Systems Security Educators' Association)
NCSENIST Communications Support Element
NCSENational Certification of Secondary Schools (Trinidad & Tobago)
NCSENotification of Change in Student Enrollment
NCSENational Commission on Safety Education
NCSENetwork for Catholic School Excellence
NCSENational Center on Social Entrepreneurs
NCSENorth Carolina Sport Equestrian
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Q: How long do you think it will take for the NCSE to put a stake in the heart of climate change denial?
This move will bring increased transparency to how and why decisions are made by the NCSE and will ultimately ensure better educational outcomes for our children with special needs.
Anyone who really believes that a left-wing advocacy outfit such as NCSE doesn't support big-government "solutions" in the war against certain types of energy production is terminally naive.
The problem with evolution, says Robert Luhn, director of Communications at the NCSE, is that it touches on something close to people.
Congressman Ehlers, one of the few scientists in Congress, has been a champion for science, education and scientific approaches to environmental protection from the moment that he began his service in 1994," says NCSE Executive Director Peter Saundry.
In more than 100 patients with nonconvulsive status epilepticus (NCSE) at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, the diagnosis of NCSE was missed or delayed for vanous reasons, such as attributing lethargy and confusion to a postictal state or believing obtundation resulted from alcohol or drugs.
NCSE reports that Smith is the author of The True Origin Of Man, a religious book that allegedly "represents the truth of mans [sic] origins confirmed by DNA mathematical and scientific facts.
NCSE chief Teresa Griffin said: "While this 25% is an increase on previous estimates, we are very pleased that our research shows this growing level of awareness - because early identification leads to early intervention.
Since 1983, NCSE has been a positive force for improving primarily the evolutionary side of science curricula, as well as a literal friend in need to school boards, teachers, parents, and students faced with an onslaught of creationism- and intelligent design-inspired attacks on evolution.
The MMSE (Folstein, Folstein, & McHugh, 1975) and NCSE measured cognitive status (Mueller, Kieman, & Langston, 2001).