NCSEANational Child Support Enforcement Association
NCSEANorth Carolina Sustainable Energy Association
NCSEANational Council of Structural Engineers Associations
NCSEANorthern California Solar Energy Association (established in 1974)
NCSEANorth Carolina Solar Energy Association
NCSEANepal Civil Service Employees' Association
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Stellar Energy's commitment to NCSEA supports our efforts to continue to grow the market in North Carolina through outreach, education, and shaping policy," added Urlaub.
Award winners in the NCSEA Excel lence in Structural Engineering Awards program will be announced at a banquet at the conclusion of NCSEA's Annual Conference, to be held Oct.
com/research/2688d5/analyst_recap_ncse) has announced the addition of the "Analyst Recap NCSEA 57th Annual Conference and Training Expo" report to their offering.
Learn about Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) quality assurance and the federal office's role and expectations in this Analyst Recap of the NCSEA 57th Annual Conference and Training Expo.
On August 3-7, 2008, vendors joined child support enforcement professionals from 48 states and 12 tribes, including representatives from the Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom, for the NCSEA 57th Annual Conference and Training Expo, Building Bridges for Children's Future, in San Francisco, California.
The recipient of this prestigious award is selected by the President of NCSEA to honor companies that have contributed both to the child support program in the United States and abroad and specifically to the National Child Support Enforcement Association.
Additionally, through its industry-leading services, SMI has partnered with states to improve the collection and distribution of child support funds by getting money to children quickly and effectively," said Vernon Drew, President of NCSEA.
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