NCSHNew Century School House
NCSHNorth County Serenity House (est. 1966)
NCSHNUS (National University of Singapore) College in Shanghai (China)
NCSHNational Clearinghouse for Smoking and Health (now Office on Smoking and Health; US CDC)
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To help Americans get the critical sexual health care services they need, NCSH has released a new, easy-to-use guide and websitethat features action steps for good sexual health, charts of recommended services for men and women based on age, questions to ask health care providers, and other resources.
NCSH is managed by Partnership for Prevention, a non-profit public health organization that is dedicated to making disease prevention and health promotion a national priority.
This supply option has proven so efficient and cost-effective that NCSH has again turned to Air Products to identify and provide the optimum gas supply option for its recently-opened Wound Healing & Hyperbaric Center, also located in Durham.
Trading Symbol < < Number of Shares March 5, 2007 Value EFTI < < 120,000,000 $ 13,200,000 NNBP < < 20,000,000 1,800,000 USEI < < 20,000,000 1,700,000 USSE < < 225,000,000 47,250,000 SSTP < < 225,000,000 49,500,000 NCSH < < 36,000,000 24,120,000 < < $ 137,570,000
Finally there is a license agreement in progress for a new brand of Nano powered disinfectant which will combine the intellectual property of NCSH and a new strategic partner to create a new class of disinfectant.