NCSRNational Coalition for Safer Roads (Washington, DC)
NCSRNational Comorbidity Survey Replication
NCSRNational Centre for Scientific Research (Greece)
NCSRNational Center for Scientific Research
NCSRNational Centre for Social Research (UK; formerly Social and Community Planning Research)
NCSRNorthwest Center for Sustainable Resources (educational materials clearinghouse)
NCSRNavigation, Communication, Search and Rescue (International Maritime Organization)
NCSRNational Compound Semiconductor Roadmap
NCSRNordic Conference on the Sociology of Religion
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Territorial representation in the Slovak Parliament, 2010-2016 (according to the permanent residence of the MPs) Region Elections Elections Elections NCSR NCSR NCSR 2010 2012 2016 MPs A MPs A MPs A Banskobystricky 17 0,9467 16 0,9361 18 1,0586 kraj Bratislavsky kraj 61 3,0660 58 2,9420 66 3,1084 Kosicky kraj 13 0,6739 12 0,6295 12 0,6384 Nitriansky kraj 11 0,5382 11 0,5642 11 0,5850 Presovsky kraj 13 0,6715 17 0,8389 9 0,4430 Trenciansky kraj 10 0,5761 11 0,6201 9 0,5163 Trnavsky kraj 14 0,8691 16 1,0093 13 0,8267 Zilinsky kraj 11 0,5615 9 0,4392 12 0,5800 MAL 27,4031 25,6295 30,5093 Source: author's own calculations
S'inquietant du taux faramineux de maladies mentales rapportees par le NCSR, Paul McHugh, psychiatre a John Hopkins, a denonce le fait que les diagnostics du Diagnostic an Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) se sont multiplies aux cours des editions pour expliquer en partie ce probleme (4).
In terms of new apartment units being built, FHA's share of multifamily new-construction activity rose as funding of NCSR projects increased and broader new construction activity decreased.
In addition, from the knowledge gained during this forum, staff from NCSR, ATEEC and UNI will work jointly to develop a teaching module, Native American Perspectives in Natural Resources, that can be incorporated into existing curricula.
The members of the consortium include: Verint - the consortium coordinator, Ernst & Young (Israel) - the project administrator, Heathrow Airport (UK), Athens International Airport (Greece), ANA-Airports of Portugal, BAE (UK), Red-M (UK), Immersion SAS (France), Real Fusio (France), GMV Sistemas (Spain, Portugal), Rapiscan Systems Limited (UK), Elbit Security Systems (Israel), Mentum (France), University of Rome La Sapienza, INNOV (Portugal), CRAT (Italy), NCSR (Greece), Vitrociset Spa (Italy), Alcatel Lucent Italia Spa (Italy), University of Dublin, Trinity College (Ireland) and the ACREO Institute (Sweden).
An NCSR statement said the 2015 awards would be given in the following fields: mathematics; biophysical and biomedical science and engineering; cancer pathology, diagnosis and treatment; nutritional and metabolic diseases, including those of genetic origin; food security and safety; sustainable management of water resources; sociological research on regions of Lebanon under societal, demographic and security pressures and stresses; sociological, psychological and knowledge research on women and youth; and research on archaeology and heritage in Lebanon.
The authors are researchers from Cluj, working together in a research project about the journalistic genre, project financed meeting a journalistic genre research project, funded by NCSR (perhaps The National Council Scientific Research).
The editor is affiliated with the Institute of Materials Science, NCSR, Greece.
NCSR "Demokritos," Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications, Ag.
The convertible was labelled an easy target for the thief by NCSR.
NCSR is proud to advocate for the use of red light safety cameras in more than 600 communities across the country to change reckless driver behavior, stop red-light running and save lives.
This will allow the NCSR to monitor vegetation, forest fires and land temperature on a daily basis.