NCSRNational Centre for Scientific Research (Greece)
NCSRNational Center for Scientific Research
NCSRNational Centre for Social Research (UK; formerly Social and Community Planning Research)
NCSRNorthwest Center for Sustainable Resources (educational materials clearinghouse)
NCSRNational Compound Semiconductor Roadmap
NCSRNordic Conference on the Sociology of Religion
NCSRNational Comorbidity Survey Replication
NCSRNational Coalition for Safer Roads (Washington, DC)
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In addition to the traditional summer holidays, NCSR looked at red-light running during the Super Bowl, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Eve.
Personally and as president of NCSR, I have witnessed the pain and trauma that running a red light can cause," said NCSR President Melissa Wandall.
Additionally, NCSR has collected more than 17,400 signatures from New Jersey residents on its petition supporting the use of red-light safety cameras at dangerous intersections in the state.
At a time when red-light safety cameras have come under attack from radical state legislators, the people of New Jersey are speaking out loudly in support of using these tools to keep their roadways and loved ones safe," says David Kelly, Executive Director of NCSR.
An analysis recently released by NCSR and FocusDriven showed that distracted drivers had a significant impact on red-light running in the summer months of 2012.
The names of the winners will be announced during a special NCSR ceremony.
In terms of new apartment units being built, FHA's share of multifamily new-construction activity rose as funding of NCSR projects increased and broader new construction activity decreased.
d) Laboratory of Cell Proliferation & Ageing, Institute of Biology, NCSR "Demokritos", Athens, Greece
THE NCSR also says pregnant women are now generally following government advice on how to keep themselves and their babies healthy during pregnancy.
The NCSR study found that almost one-third of employees work more than the 48-hour-week maximum laid down in the European working time directive.
The NCSR is a partnership of high schools, community colleges, four-year colleges and universities, private industry, governmental agencies, research groups, and Native American tribes.