NCSRTNorth Carolina Society of Radiologic Technologists, Inc. (Jamestown, NC)
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Through reverse outsourcing, or bringing revenue from foreign countries to the United States, NCSRT demonstrates its entrepreneurial edge in the new global market.
President and CEO of NCSRT, Henry Kopf III expressed his gratitude for the award.
Addressing the issues facing biotech companies and creating engineering, design and manufacturing jobs in North Carolina in today's global economy is what we are proud of at NCSRT," Kopf said.
After seeing the novel NCSRT approach to TFF, I now understand how they can claim and achieve such high recovery rates.
NCSRT President and CEO Henry Kopf III says investment from Inverness allows NCSRT to expand operations and continue to provide customers with industry leading applications knowledge, validation assistance, and technical support.
5 billion Graham Group provides NCSRT with the resources to address even the largest projects in the industry," Kopf said.
NCSRT offers innovative filtration, separation, and purification solutions for biotechnology, biopharmaceutical processing, animal healthcare, dairy processing, and enzyme manufacturing.
According to International Trade Specialist Shirreef Loza, NCSRT was instrumental in facilitating an export transaction in an amount exceeding $1.
Innovative companies like NCSRT serve as a model for companies in North Carolina wanting to expand or start exporting," Loza said.
According to NCSRT President and CEO Henry Kopf III, the filtration equipment enables both companies to increase product yield, thus optimizing the production of its insulin and hepatitis vaccines.
NCSRT offers a complete line of the patented CONSEP(R) SmartFlow modules, including CONSEP 3000, CONSEP 7000 and CONSEP 11000.
NCSRT technology has proven effective in providing a 50 to 500 percent increase in product yield.