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NCSTNorth Carolina State
NCSTNational Centre for Software Technology
NCSTNational Council for Science and Technology (Kenya)
NCSTNational Center on Senior Transportation (Easter Seals, Inc.)
NCSTNational Construction Safety Team
NCSTNaval Center for Space Technology
NCSTNational Commission for Scheduled Tribes (India)
NCSTNational Commission for Science and Technology
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PCST is acting as a secretariat of NCST, scientific data collection centre, and Science and Technology (S&T) policy advice think tank, encouraging high performance in S&T workers through cash awards, promoting international cooperation and publishing reports and reviews on the state of S&T in Pakistan, official sources told here today.
NCST was created under a Resolution of the Ministry of Science and Technology with Gazette Notification of April 1984, as a part of the implementation of the National S&T Policy (1984).
NCST is a wonderful forum for coordination of inter-ministerial and inter-provincial S&T programmes and integration of S&T into the other sectors of economy.
In addition to lobbying the government for legislation on public transport, the NCST has worked to raise awareness among the general public about alternatives to cars through events like the bike parade.
NCST (National Committee on Soil and Terrain) (2009) 'Australian soil and land survey field handbook.
The NCST is working in 100 communities in 35 states.
Under NCST will be a new Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology that will control three-quarters of Japan's government R&D expenditures and manage the national university system.
Basedon those figures, the tax NCST is proposing would generate $94 million a year: $28.
To commemorate one year of the coalition's work, the NCST is planning to hold a cycling parade Sept.
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: NCST (NASDAQ) NCS (TSX) Media Contact: Evan Ard, (212) 777-2220 Investor Relations Contact: David Wills, (416) 504-8464 Phone: Switchboard, (781) 224-1444 E-mail: info@nucryst.
Department of Housing and Urban Development and National Community Stabilization Trust (NCST) launched on September 1, 2010 to provide an exclusive 12-day window to owner-occupant buyers working with Neighborhood Stabilization Programs (NSP) grantees non-profits working with NCST.
Enterprise helped establish a partnership between the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments and NCST through which the organizations will assist the participating jurisdictions in local response to the foreclosure crisis.