NCSTRLNetworked Computer Science Technical Reference Library
NCSTRLNetworked Computer Science Technical Report Library
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AQUA: Query visualization for the NCSTRL digital library In: Proceedings of the 4th ACM Conference on Digital libraries, 230-231.
org Sharing resources related to politics and religion (Halbert, 2003) NCSTRL www.
Preservation and transition of NCSTRL using an OAI-based architecture.
Currently, we translate queries for heterogeneous search services including Dialog, Stanford's Folio, AltaVista, WebCrawler, and NCSTRL, each with different Boolean query syntax and functionality.
The NCSTRL project has grown rapidly from the experimental digital library efforts undertaken in the Computer Science Technical Reports (CS-TR) project, sponsored in 1992 by the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) through the Corporation for National Research Initiatives (CNRI), and in the National Science Foundation (NSF)-sponsored WATERS project.
The CS-TR project enabled the development of several components that are key to the current NCSTRL system.
The still-evolving NCSTRL project "makes a very large body of breaking computer science research rapidly available to researchers and programmers throughout the world," said Dean B.
Thus, NCSTRL is an evolving effort by a number of institutions to create a digital library infrastructure for computer science documents, not merely another Internet-based collection.
The European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics (ERCIM) initiated the European foundation of the NCSTRL system via its membership in the NCSTRL Consortium.
The NCSTRL system can also be used as a testbed for experimentation with digital library technologies.