NCSUNorth Carolina State University
NCSUNederlandse Christelijke Sport Unie (Dutch: Dutch Christian Sports Union; Netherlands)
NCSUNational Competitiveness Strategy Unit (Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce; Guyana)
NCSUNorth Country Supervisory Union (Vermont)
NCSUNigeria Civil Service Union
NCSUNTUC (National Trades Union Congress) Club Staff Union (now Attractions, Resorts & Entertainment Union; Singapore)
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edu, or Matt Shipman, NCSU News Services, matt_shipman@ncsu.
This was the first time that NCSU had entered into a performance contract to finance a construction or renovation project.
5-9: Nonwovens Manufacturing Process Fundamentals, NCSU College of Textiles, Raleigh, NC: The Nonwovens Institute: nonwovens@ncsu.
Parks, research analyst in the NCSU Department of Plant Pathology, and Moyer, professor and head of that department, have published their poinsettia findings in the Journal of the American Society of Horticultural Science.
NCSU noted that the NC Solar Center was awarded $500,000 in funding for the two-and-one-half year project last October from the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) SmartWay Transport Partnership.
According to the paper, Advanced Energy official Ewan Pritchard noted that NCSU declined a proposal to fund the purchase of one of the new hybrid buses, the cost of which university officials estimate would necessitate tacking an extra $10 to the tuition of each NCSU student.
College Context The College of Education at NCSU is composed of four departments: Adult and Community College Education; Curriculum and Instruction; Educational Research and Leadership and Counselor Education; and Math, Science, and Technology Education (NCSU College of Education, 2003).
More information about rice blast and the fungal genomics project at NCSU is available at http://www.
Under the terms of the agreement, the companies will be required to pay $15 million to NCSU for the development of new technologies and $50 million toward environmental improvements and compliance monitoring.
The site dedicated Tuesday is located on land provided by NCSU and will serve as both an educational project for students and a visible reminder of the changing landscape of energy.
However, researchers from NCSU have developed a new way to free the carbohydrates from the lignin.
At NCSU, for example, the library holds one of four "right to call" spots for the campus Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) site license and provides technical support as needed to campus users.