NCSWNational Commission on Status of Women (Pakistan)
NCSWNational Charter Schools Week
NCSWNational Conference on Social Welfare (est. 1873)
NCSWNew Cheshire Salt Works (Northwich, Cheshire, UK)
NCSWNebraska Commission on the Status of Women (Lincoln, NE)
NCSWNational Catholic Schools Week
NCSWNon-Orthogonal Cardinal Spline Wavelet
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The President assured Chairperson NCSW of every possible support in their efforts towards creating enabling environment for the women and their empowerment.
implement the recommendations of the Inquiry Commission and the NCSW to
This historic meeting was similar to the earlier meeting of group workers at NCSW in 1936 who, like this group, were brought together by a spirited sense of mission.
We're calling on people across the country to join our celebration -- tell the story of a sister you admire, share a photo, visit a monastery, attend an NCSW event or host your own little gathering inspired by women religious.
The council further stated that the composition of the NCSW was objectionable under Section 3 of the law.
The NCSW organized a forum "Men and Women: The Next 25 Years" to be held on 8 March 1975.
Keynote Speaker Khawar Mumtaz, Chairperson, NCSW, concluded in her address that labour laws are many but there is a need to bridge gaps that would recognize the needs of women workers and further occupational group-specific requirements to ensure a conducive environment for women workers.
She stated about NCSW mission, introduction and monitoring of its progress, implementation and promotion of laws and support system.
She said implementation watch committees in the provinces submit reports to NCSW regularly so that they knew the actual situation and draw a frame work for setting up future strategy.
We compared patients suffering from NCSW and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) to controls with IBS not due to NCWS.
Renowned personalities from media and civil society are part of the Cell whereas Khawar Mumtaz, Chairperson NCSW will be the overall Chairperson of the Committees.
She further said that NCSW is working in various directions with different partner organizations to improve the status of women in the country.