NCSXNational Compact Stellerator Experiment (Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, Princeton, NJ)
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And those methods would have been unacceptable to the NCSX program managers," added John Puhl, president of J.
Following several internal and external reviews over the past 18 months, it has been concluded that the budget increases, schedule delays and continuing uncertainties of the NCSX construction project necessitate its closure, and that PPPL's future as a world-leading center of fusion energy and plasma sciences is more assured by a renewed focus on the successful Spherical Torus confinement concept.
Raymond Orbach, charged his Fusion Energy Sciences Advisory Committee (FESAC) to "conduct a scientific and programmatic review focused on evaluating the NCSX (National Compact Stellarator Experiment) program and its potential impact on the U.
fusion program told FESAC in July that the latest cost estimate for NCSX was about $130 million.
Among a series of questions posed, Orbach asked the FESAC to comment on the "role of the stellarator and NCSX in the long-term U.
In addition to being part of the winding form team, Major Tool and Machine was awarded a subcontract to manufacture the NCSX vacuum chamber.
The key innovative feature of NCSX is its complex shape, designed through advanced computer simulations, that is predicted to be able to support a high-efficiency, fully steady-state fusion system.
Funded entirely by the USDOE's Office of Science, the construction of NCSX will cost an estimated $86.
The NCSX is planned to begin operation in mid 2007.
NCSX successfully completed two critical physics reviews in the Spring of 2001.