NCTBNeurobehavioral Core Test Battery
NCTBNationaal Coördinator Terrorisme Bestrijding (Dutch: National Coordinator for Terrorism Suppression)
NCTBNational Curriculum & Textbook Board (Bangladesh)
NCTBNorthern California Transplant Bank (Oakland, California)
NCTBNorth Country Teddy Bears
NCTBNor Cal Travel Ball
NCTBN- (4-Carboxyphenyl)trimellitimid- (4-Tert-Butylphenyl)-Diester
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NCTB 10643: synergistic inhibition of growth by two compounds that serve as growth substrates // Appl.
This RSI should serve the NCTB (and possibly also the CCTB).
1993) studied performance on neurobehavioral batteries conducted in 10 countries from four continents using the NCTB protocol.
The Purdue pegboard test (Lafayette Instrument, Model 32020, Lafayette, IN, USA) was substituted for the Santa Ana dexterity test of the WHO NCTB and was used to measure manual dexterity and executive abilities (27).