NCTCOGNorth Central Texas Council of Governments
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NCTCOG uses four key strategies to better facilitate initiatives for pedestrian and bicyclist safety: education and outreach, technical training, funding for engineering solutions, and data collection.
Morris was acknowledged for his ability to help NCTCOG members set aside an individual agenda and individual differences and to concentrate on the long-term transportation planning needs of the region.
To that end, the Dallas and Fort Worth TxDOT districts, Dallas County, NCTCOG, and 18 cities agreed to work together in implementing their CMAQ programs.
As a result, the cities and the NCTCOG hired a consultant to ensure identification of all key functional and technical requirements and drive effective management of the procurement.
Depending on the nature and location of the project, potential sources of funding may include NCTCOG, DART, the "T," TxDOT's Dallas District and State office, the U.
Robert Kimball & Associates on NextGen services, NCTCOG developed requirements for replacing their existing CPE and executing on a successful implementation for Next Generation 9-1-1 services.
Bidders shall promptly notify NCTCOG of any omission, ambiguity, inconsistency or error that they may discover upon examination of the Solicitation.
NCTCOG is resoliciting1 proposals for a cooperative procurement from qualified vendors with experience in providing and installing video surveillance camera systems on three transit vehicle types: Small Transit Vehicles, Light-Duty Transit Buses, and Medium-Duty Transit Buses.
NCTCOG is integrating ImageNow with Lawson and a variety of other business applications to provide instant, electronic access to documents and images that support the daily business processes of three member cities -- Arlington, Carrollton and Grand Prairie.
Historically, the majority of the traffic counts that NCTCOG has used in the calibration and validation of the Travel Model have been collected by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT).