NCTLNational Center for Technological Literacy (Boston, MA)
NCTLNational Computer and Telecommunications Laboratory
NCTLNorth Central Thumb League (Michigan)
NCTLNotched Constant Tension Load
NCTLNon-Uniformly Coupled Transmission Line
NCTLNational Center on Time & Learning (Boston, MA)
NCTLNorth Central Tablelands (northern portion of the American Mid-West)
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Kenton School Principal Sarah Holmes-Carne said: "We are happy with the NCTL ruling on Vince Usher.
The NCTL started proceedings against the teachers in the summer of 2015.
The issue saddens me as a principal that despite the serious impact on the talented Kenton students; serious impact on the reputation of our outstanding textiles subject area, the NCTL panel found no remorse for the teacher's actions.
The Ford Foundation is set to give $3 million per year for three years to NCTL to provide technical assistance and a coordinator in each state, as well as to local partners.
The NCTL enhances knowledge of engineering and technology for people of all ages.
Striking him off, NCTL decision maker, Dawn Dandy, said: "I am particularly mindful of the finding of sexual misconduct in this case.
An NCTL spokesman said: "The NCTL will carefully consider this latest panel hearing before deciding the next steps in this process.
The professional conduct panel of the NCTL found its own organisation withheld 25 statements which had been used in an inquiry led by former counter-terror boss Peter Clarke, into the allegations of a plot.
Mr Coleman said: "Sefton council finished its investigations and report some two years ago and decided that the appropriate response was to make a referral to the NCTL.
Imposing the ban on behalf of the Education Secretary, Jayne Millions, NCTL head of teacher misconduct, said Mr Day had been found guilty of "unacceptable professional conduct and conduct that may bring the teaching profession into disrepute.
Last November an NCTL panel recommended teaching bans, after concluding pupils had been "immersed in orthodox Islamic doctrine" through measures including the use of the school loudspeaker system to broadcast a daily call-to-prayer to Park View's pupils.
NCTL offers standards-based curricula and professional development.