NCTLNational Center for Technological Literacy (Boston, MA)
NCTLNational Computer and Telecommunications Laboratory
NCTLNorth Central Thumb League (Michigan)
NCTLNotched Constant Tension Load
NCTLNon-Uniformly Coupled Transmission Line
NCTLNational Center on Time & Learning (Boston, MA)
NCTLNorth Central Tablelands (northern portion of the American Mid-West)
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Mr Khan also said that, although an email address used by the NCTL was at one point correct, it was later deleted.
Claims being examined by the NCTL include that an al Qaeda-style video was copied at Park View Academy, one of the schools at the centre of the Trojan Horse controversy.
The NCTL panel heard that from the content of the text messages she had seen on her son's phone, the boy's mother "considered that there was a serious risk that Duffell had been grooming her son or treating him in a predatory manner".
The Ford Foundation is set to give $3 million per year for three years to NCTL to provide technical assistance and a coordinator in each state, as well as to local partners.
The NCTL enhances knowledge of engineering and technology for people of all ages.
The Get into Teaching campaign led by the NCTL is calling for more early years teachers in Newcastle.
Charlie Taylor, chief executive of NCTL, said: "We need excellent teachers in every classroom to prepare children for life in modern Britain, teaching them the core knowledge, skills and values they need to get a job and get on in life.
But the NCTL hearing, which was not attended by Duffell, felt that as a secondary school teacher "Mr Duffell should have known" the boy was under 16.
She will have to wait at least two years before she can re-apply to the NCTL - a government body which regulates teachers' conduct - to have her ban lifted.
NCTL has responsibility, in partnership with headteachers from the Teaching Schools Council, for the designation and quality of the teaching schools programme.
NCTL calls for an average of 300 hours to be added to the typical school year, but is not prescriptive as to how the expansions of schools' schedules allocate those hours.