NCTONational Council of Textile Organizations
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94) See Daniel Pruzin, NCTO Calls for Tough Action from Obama on
Because of China's long history of surging into the US market, a China monitoring commitment is crucial to ensuring that the US government can move quickly to prevent a damaging surge which could threaten tens of thousands of US textile jobs once safeguards are removed," said Anderson Warlick, chairman of the NCTO as well as CEO of Parkdale Mills, Gastonia, North Carolina.
textiles interests, including the NCTO, to garner support for the Central American Free Trade Agreement, which is expected to be voted on by Congress as early as this spring and which faces an uphill battle in the House.
should be lost, NCTO believes that the Court will find that the government has acted in an appropriate manner.
When quota was lifted on blankets and assorted bed linens in January 2002, NCTO said China's market share grew from 5 percent in 2001 to 70 percent in June 2004.