NCTQNational Council on Teacher Quality
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In addition, the NCTQ has ranked WGU's secondary teacher preparation program as the top program in the nation in terms of quality from a list of 2,400 programs, and WGU was one of only 10 institutions named to the top lists for both elementary and secondary teacher education.
Aspiring teachers are effectively being misled into thinking they're very well prepared for the profession," says Linda Walsh, president of the NCTQ.
We know that kids of color can perform better in the classroom when they have teachers that match their race," says Kate Walsh, president of NCTQ, citing research that has shown that Black students do better when assigned a Black teacher.
More information about NCTQ can be found on the NCTQ website, www.
Our hope is that the data from NCTQ will inspire good programs to set an even higher bar and encourage underachieving programs to adopt methods used by the standout programs.
The NCTQ Teacher Prep Review, slated for initial release in June 2013, is rating teacher-preparation programs across the country.
NCTQ added analysis of state laws to TR3 because so much of what was expected to be in local bargaining agreements was found elsewhere.
Only about 10 percent of the colleges gave NCTQ researchers material they were looking for when they initially asked.
Teachers have 21 days in Boston, 25 days in Hartford, and up to 28 days in Newark, according to NCTQ.
Doing so could help attract more people to teaching, keep teachers in the profession during those initial years when turnover in the profession is high, and increase teachers' lifetime earnings potential, according to a 2010 report from the NCTQ.
NCTQ standards for rating the nation's education schools, (n.
Of the alternative certification programs the NCTQ surveyed for a 2007 report, only one-third require a summer teaching practicum and one-quarter provide weekly mentoring for teachers once the school year starts.