NCTSNew Computerised Transit System
NCTSNASCAR Craftsman Truck Series
NCTSNortel Certified Technology Specialist (telephony)
NCTSNaval Computer & Telecommunications Station
NCTSNew Cooperative Tracking System
NCTSNuclear Certification Test Set
NCTSNuclear Certification Test System
NCTSNon-Conformance Tracking System
NCTSNavy Center for Tactical Systems
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NCTS is a Navy-sponsored, non-profit ADP services provider working on a cost reimbursable basis.
Wherever NCTS FE personnel are stationed, the CITE award reflects the combined contributions of Sailors, civil service employees, Japanese master labor contractors, and other contractors stationed throughout the region.
NCTS FE Sailors and civilian personnel deliver reliable and secure communications and information technology services to the Far East region.
The NCTS FE technical control facility houses more than 500 Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) circuits in addition to Navy and joint command circuits.
NCTS FE has a Defense Messaging System (DMS) Local Control Center, which is the home of the Automated Message Handling System test program.
NCTS FE supports the warfighter in the global war on terrorism by delivering services to commands deploying and returning from expeditionary zones.
NCTS FE won the CITE award in the midst of dramatic change.
The high morale of civil service and military personnel shows in NCTS FE's high retention rate because NCTS FE personnel perform challenging, interesting work in support of the warfighter--and it's a great place to work.