NCTVNational Coalition on Television Violence
NCTVNewington Community Television Inc.
NCTVNon-Commercial Television
NCTVNatural Cooled Triode Valve
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We are looking forward to getting back on track with our support for local programs," he said, adding that teaming up with NCTV has "brought new life into the Legion, financially and otherwise.
Harry Berkowitz, NCTV president for almost 25 years, can match Mr.
Dutch jihadis have carried out at least one suicide attack in Syria and one in Iraq, according to the Dutch NCTV counter-terrorism agency.
Around 100 Dutch nationals have so far gone to Syria, of whom about 70 remain in the country, according to the NCTV figures.
PDT as NCTV continues in its effort to take a Schwarzenegger movie ad off the side of a NASA rocket.
The attorney for NCTV, Randi Geffner, stated, "Furthermore, NCTV will seek a temporary restraining order which will prevent Sony's Columbia Pictures and Space Marketing from continuing in this campaign of fraud and deception.
Meanwhile, the Dutch counter terrorism body, NCTV, on Wednesday said it is increasing the risk of a terrorist attack in the Netherlands or on Dutch interests abroad from "limited to substantial", Dutch media reported today.