NCUCNorth Carolina Utilities Commission
NCUCNoncommercial Users Constituency
NCUCNational Center for the Urban Community (Tulane University and Xavier University)
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The NCUC also authorized Duke Energy Progress to recover additional costs of carrying coal inventory in excess of a 40-day supply, which was under collected by 0.
To him, linking the university with the public housing community was the impetus for starting NCUC.
The NCUC reviews fuel costs and adjusts the fuel component of customer rates accordingly.
amp; NCUC, IMPLEMENTATION OF THE CLEAN SMOKESTACKS ACT 5 (2003), available at http://www.
Each cooperative venture received a visit from one or two people who were especially trained by the NCUC to present the proposal.
The bill credit, if approved by the NCUC, would be reflected on April bills and for the typical Piedmont Natural Gas residential customer would amount to approximately $35, including a small adjustment associated with applicable sales taxes.
Notification with the NCUC will be made later today.
If approved by the NCUC, the settlement agreement would become effective on November 1, 2008.
We are pleased the NCUC has approved the company's request to build these facilities," said Rob Caldwell, Duke Energy's senior vice president for distributed energy resources.
The rate review was ordered by the NCUC as a condition for approval of the Cinergy merger and could result in a rate decrease.
Since Piedmont Natural Gas is both a financial partner and a customer of the proposed natural gas pipeline, Piedmont's affiliate agreements with ACP are subject to NCUC approval.