NCUFNational Credit Union Foundation
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In addition, NCUF and NCB have created a simple and secure online fulfillment platform to ensure accounts can be opened quickly and the funds can be put to work in local communities immediately.
The report, which was prepared under the NCUF's signature REAL Solutions[TM] program, is the result of an almost yearlong data collection effort by NCUF with the help of state credit union associations (or leagues).
In its ongoing efforts to improve consumer financial independence, NCUF supports its mission by making grants to organizations that support initiatives that: improve access to affordable financial services; increase financial education rates; and improve asset accumulation.
The NCUF said it will release profiles of all of the Wegner honorees in the coming weeks.
Since the 1998 passage of HR 1151, the Credit Union Membership Access Act, a majority of the Freedom Checks proceeds have been directed to the NCUF.
Fast-forward to her current role at NCUF and its goal of helping credit unions retain their social conscience and sense of mission in an increasingly competitive world.
Still, Shell FCU's CDA investments will continue to go towards the Pete Crear Fund as well as the NCUF, she pointed out.
The program is designed to encourage participants to formulate a solid, strategic financial plan to achieve their retirement goals, said Mark Lynch, a REAL Solutions field coach who helps oversee the NCUF program.
Efforts could be targeted at improving financial literacy through presentations of the Biz Kid$ program, the NCUF video program that introduces financial topics and entrepreneurship to children ages 8 to 16, she said.
It is estimated that families can increase their income by as much as 25% with access to reliable transportation, said Gigi Hyland, NCUF executive director.
The NCUF loan product is one of five in Filene's accessible financial services incubator funded by the Ford Foundation, according to both credit union organizations.
Gigi Hyland is executive director of the NCUF in Madison, Wis.