NCVERNational Centre for Vocational Education Research Ltd (Australia)
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We are pleased to be able to assist NCVER in any way we can, my father and uncle have been very philanthropic to Mr.
Vocational Education and Training for Adult Prisoners and Offenders in Australia: Research Readings, NCVER, Adelaide, pp.
An excellent description is provided in NCVER (2007).
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I am pleased that these figures from NCVER, which have been made public today, reflect the Coalition Government s vision and commitment to creating a highly skilled and employable workforce, through significant investment in vocational training, Mr Hall said.
Apprentice numbers in the traditional trade callings, such as engineering, automotive, construction and electrical, declined in real and percentage terms in the 1990s but recovered in the first decade of this century (Toner 2003; NCVER 2010).
The primary aim of these fellowships is to build researcher capacity in secondary data analysis, thereby promoting the use of NCVER data to address issues in the VET sector.
The early trend estimates by NCVER of apprenticeship and traineeship commencements indicated that although trade commencements grew steadily from the June quarter 2009 to the September quarter 2010, since then there has been a steady decline (NCVER 2012).
With its inherent focus on providing specific work skills, NCVER identified vocational education as one of the most direct and dynamic means of improving social outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people:
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