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NCVHSNational Committee on Vital and Health Statistics
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The NCVHS is the advisory body to the Department of Health and Human Services on health data, statistics and national health information policy.
In addition to the efforts of the NCVHS and NUBC, in 1988, the Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists recommended that "all hospital discharge summaries of injured patients include the E-code to describe the external cause of injury" (6).
As the NCVHS observed, having similar functional information across care settings will maximize the utility of the information for such purposes as evaluating health care system performance and setting funding priorities.
NCVHS said it wants to see a final rule in place by Oct.
Prophet indicates that ICD-10 meets the characteristics of a procedural coding system as outlined by NCVHS as well as requirements of HIPAA for a standard code set.
NCVHS also recommended CAQH CORE as the authoring entity for operating rules for non-retail pharmacy-related eligibility and claim status transactions.
Broadly defining functional status as the daily activities in which one engages as well as one's participation in life situations and society, the NCVHS subcommittee on populations recommended the use of a uniform code set and classification system for concepts within the domain of functional status.
NCVHS also urges HHS to make the rules applicable to any person or entity handling the protected health information.
The NCVHS invited HBMA to participate in the hearings alongside other industry participants and authors of standards and operating rules.
Welcomes Endorsement by ASC X12 for NCVHS to Recommend NCPDP as Operating Rule Entity for Healthcare Industry under PPACA
The NCVHS hearing brought together key healthcare and information technology stakeholder groups.
The NCVHS and its Subcommittees are charged with advising HHS on the implementation of the Administrative Simplification provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), and also provide advice and assistance to HHS.