NCVSNational Crime Victimization Survey
NCVSNational Center for Voice and Speech (Denver, CO)
NCVSNational Crime Victimization Study
NCVSNational Crime Victims Survey
NCVSNorthwest Credentials Verification Service (Bremerton, WA)
NCVSNerve Conduction Velocity Study (electrodiagnostic test)
NCVSNon-Cyclic Vector Subspace
NCVSNational Conference on Volunteering and Service
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When Carole returned from the Caribbean, she worked for the crime reduction charity Nacro in Manchester (1978-87), before settling in Newcastle to run NCVS.
His co-authors are Jeffrey Goulding, a NCVS research assistant headed to New York University for graduate school, and University of Texas psychiatry professor Craig Bryan.
justice survey of magnitude similar to the NCVS would yield highly
Two values derived from Kulich's (1997) NCVS and supported by the present research findings were "time treasuring" and "family.
Other studies using the NCVS have examined factors associated with law enforcement's response to cases of domestic violence.
Occupational safety and health concerns about the voices of singers and actors have led to development of the NCVS dosimeter with which otolaryngologists can evaluate vocal fatigue.
In Evaluating Gun Policy: Effects on Crime and Violence (2003), Cook and Ludwig consider in-home incidents of armed self-defense, suggesting a range of 32,000 (based on an NCVS analysis by Cook) to 503,000 (based on a DataStat telephone survey commissioned by the federal government).
The NCVS is the same data used by the DOJ to construct their annual estimates of victimization.
The fact that two partners live together creates more opportunities for violent encounters and may account for the higher association between alcohol use and partner violence compared with nonpartner violence according to NCVS, 65 percent of the victims of spousal violence reported that alcohol was involved in the crimes against them--a larger percentage of involvement than reported by victims of any other type of crime (Greenfield 1998).
Rape and sexual assault, robbery, aggravated assault, and simple assault data are from the NCVS.
A comparison of crime data from the FBI Uniform Crime Reports to the NCVS data indicates that crimes are seriously underreported to the police.
Indeed, it is possible that the low reporting rate for married women to the NCVS reflects women's fear of answering these survey questions when their husbands might overhear.