NCVSNational Crime Victimization Survey
NCVSNational Center for Voice and Speech (Denver, CO)
NCVSNational Crime Victimization Study
NCVSNational Crime Victims Survey
NCVSNorthwest Credentials Verification Service (Bremerton, WA)
NCVSNerve Conduction Velocity Study (electrodiagnostic test)
NCVSNon-Cyclic Vector Subspace
NCVSNational Conference on Volunteering and Service
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In December 2014, the Bureau of Justice Statistics issued a special report based on NCVS data, Rape and Sexual Assault Victimization among College-Aged Females: 1995-2013 (Langton and Sinozich 2014).
Kleck thinks the National Crime Victimization Survey disagrees so much with his own survey because NCVS researchers aren't looking for DGUs, or even asking about them in so many words.
Schwartz, Steffensmeier, Zhong, and Ackerman, "Reevaluating NCVS and Other Evidence," 420.
According to BJS, NCVS data from 1987 to 1992 indicate that in each of those years, roughly 62,200 victims of violent crime (1% of all victims of such crimes) used guns to defend themselves.
There is a critical need for universities to become familiar with the unique problems faced by student veterans and make sure they have the resources to help," said Rudd, the scientific director for the NCVS and an expert in suicide prevention.
Eric Hunter, deputy director of the NCVS, and colleagues examined how teachers use their voices at work and at home and found differences between male and female teachers.
The remaining 15 values in the list were derived from the SVS (Schwartz Value Survey), the CVS (Chinese Value Survey), the NCVS (New Chinese Value Survey, Kulich, 1997), and our own conceptualization of "Chinese values," based primarily on the respondents' saying preferences (Weng, 2008).
For woody species, height was also recorded in three classes following NCVS conventions.
Understanding Crime Statistics: Revisiting the Divergence of the NCVS and UCR.
Addington, Understanding Crime Statistics: Revisiting the Divergence of the NCVS and the UCR.
Because the NCVS does not measure crime against children younger than 12, the term "juvenile" refers to persons between ages 12 and 17.
Many studies have been conducted to describe the nature and characteristics of domestic violence using the National Crime Victimization Survey, or NCVS, including changes in victims' reports to law enforcement.