NCWCNorth Carolina Wesleyan College
NCWCNational Council of Women of Canada
NCWCNational Catholic Welfare Conference
NCWCNational Catholic War Council (WWI era)
NCWCNational Council of Work Centers
NCWCNaval Coastal Warfare Commander
NCWCNew Canaan Winter Club (Connecticut)
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To win back disaffected Chinese Americans, they formed the NCWC, which they crafted to look like an independent ethnic organization but which they intended to keep firmly in the grip of the Guomindang.
Burke, sacerdote y secretario general de la NCWC, fue el clerigo que mas detenidamente siguio las hostilidades religiosas en Mexico, desde 1916 hasta el momento de su muerte.
In a more favorable light, the NCWC served as a federally, funded authorized agent for Russian famine relief, a situation that had become critical in the Soviet Union after five years of war and revolution.
The Department of Education of the NCWC distributed and culled surveys on the effects that the Depression had on Catholic schools across the country.
The credit for that development belongs largely with the NCWC, which cut across traditional diocesan boundaries to present a national--though not always appreciated--approach in its representations to state and federal governments.
NCWC foretells the kinds of ethical dilemmas medicine (and courts) will face in the future.
NCWC also aims to correct misunderstandings about the war, such as the notion that it was fought "to end slavery," Wood said.
Explaining the failure of Yugoslavia, the NCWC press release continued: "With the Serbian Church the established Church--although theoretically there was religious freedom for all--and the former Ring of Serbia the head of the Government and residing in Belgrade, the former Serbian Capital, other population groups in Yugoslavia regarded themselves as very much in the minority and tolerated for economic reasons, rather than accepted on an equal footing culturally, socially and nationally.
60) Even as they continued their work of conversion, however, the Sisters, with the aid of the NCWC, tried to ease the "terrible poverty of the people" by distributing relief items such as "butter, rice, milk-powder, oil, cornmeal, clothing, shoes, beans, flour, etc.
Some of the bishops of the West said NCWC meant not National Catholic Welfare Conference, but Nothing Counts West of Chicago.
ca/ With a vision of "a vibrant, pro-active credible Council of Women reflecting the diversity of society, influencing political decision making and public attitudes for the well-being of society, through education and advocacy," NCWC uses "a grass roots process of consultation and debate" to develop its policies.
Many national organizations such as the NCWC, BPW, and the YWCA were part of international federations which had formal status as participants in UN agencies and members of their organizations served as Canadian representatives.