NCWCNorth Carolina Wesleyan College
NCWCNational Council of Women of Canada
NCWCNational Catholic Welfare Conference
NCWCNational Catholic War Council (WWI era)
NCWCNational Council of Work Centers
NCWCNaval Coastal Warfare Commander
NCWCNew Canaan Winter Club (Connecticut)
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The Department of Education of the NCWC distributed and culled surveys on the effects that the Depression had on Catholic schools across the country.
The credit for that development belongs largely with the NCWC, which cut across traditional diocesan boundaries to present a national--though not always appreciated--approach in its representations to state and federal governments.
NCWC foretells the kinds of ethical dilemmas medicine (and courts) will face in the future.
NCWC also aims to correct misunderstandings about the war, such as the notion that it was fought "to end slavery," Wood said.
Explaining the failure of Yugoslavia, the NCWC press release continued: "With the Serbian Church the established Church--although theoretically there was religious freedom for all--and the former Ring of Serbia the head of the Government and residing in Belgrade, the former Serbian Capital, other population groups in Yugoslavia regarded themselves as very much in the minority and tolerated for economic reasons, rather than accepted on an equal footing culturally, socially and nationally.
Letter discusses NCWC and its request for the appointment of a woman to the Senate.
NCWC institutional capacity to support central and local government gender mainstreaming capacity strengthened; and (b) Output 2.
This increment provided the ability to integrate data from various agencies into the NCWC and enabled new sensing and communications capabilities.
NCWC stands at the nexus of two competing approaches to the issue of "conscience" exemptions.
Even though it approved of some of the general goals of the legislation, the NCWC thought that such laws would make the states dependent on the federal government and weaken the autonomy of the states in the control of education.
Schaefer, who had a master's in economics and international relations, had worked since 1927 at the NCWC social action department, headed by the now legendary Fr.
In addition to being a medical doctor, Shortt was also a leader of the NCWC and a founding member of the Mothers' Allowance Commission in Ontario.