NCWCDNorthern Colorado Water Conservancy District
NCWCDNational Commission for Wildlife Conservation and Development (Saudi Arabia)
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Faced with extensive damage caused to marine and terrestrial ecosystems, the NCWCD put together a plan prepared with the assistance of the World Conservation Union.
NCWCD rangers and scientists have also intensified their work in preserving marine ecosystems and endangered marine mammals, including the dugong and the green turtle as well as shore birds threatened by the serious threat to the ecology caused by the Gulf war.
c] crop coefficient; LSIS, line-source irrigation system; NCWCD, Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District; TF, turf-type tall fescue; AT, canopy minus air temperature.
SCTA and NCWCD are planning to carry out four other training courses in October, 2012 and January, 2013, in Aroog Bani Mua'red and Fursan natural reserves.
Now the NCWCD or SWC are also responsible for conducting biological research and using the results nationwide to protect and preserve rare and endangered zoological and botanical species.
The NCWCD regularly organizes nationwide public awareness programs on wildlife conservation among students, teachers, men and women in various provinces.
The Ministry of Interior, in cooperation with the NCWCD, regulates the hunting season in the Kingdom.
It also approved the request of the National Commission for Wildlife Conservation and Development (NCWCD) to change a clause related to the trade in animals facing extinction so that the NCWCD, in coordination with the Ministry of Interior, will be empowered to inspect and take action when any violation of the regulations occurs.