NCWDNational Center on Workforce and Disability (assistance center)
NCWDNorth Carolina Western District (US federal court system)
NCWDNational Commission on Women and Development (Ghana)
NCWDNational Council of Women Devonport (Australia)
NCWDNicholas County Water District (Kentucky)
NCWDNational Center for Women Development (Nigeria)
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NCWD used for FSSS audio watermark detection process is given in Fig.
NCWD board member Randall Pfiester, who also the chairs the three-member engineering committee consisting of board members B.
The NCWD holds member meetings on the first Thursday of each month.
Based on existing water system infrastructure and water service boundaries, the MOU between CLWA and NCWD allows both agencies to more efficiently provide water services through redistribution of water service areas,'' the report said.
If a proponent comes forward and does what the NCWD has asked, It shouldn't be stopped.
We've selected the chief financial officer, the assistant manager and the superintendent to act as a team,'' said NCWD board member Randall Pfiester.
Ed Dunn, a frequent critic of both the NCWD and the area's state water purveyor, the Castaic Lake Water Agency, said the bill is a ``Trojan horse'' to allow the CLWA to get control of all the water in the valley.
3-million-square-foot high-tech business park, a 300-room hotel and a shopping center, according to an NCWD assessment.
Unger was first elected to the NCWD in 1995, and did not seek re-election after his term expired in 1999.
Coming from outside the area, he'll be able to bring a fresh perspective to the community issues,'' said NCWD Board President Randall Pfiester.
The NCWD board continued Thursday night to interview more candidates for the positions.
To help unravel the scandal, the NCWD board has retained a new law firm, Los Angeles-based Liebert, Cassidy and Whitmore, and the firm has hired a private investigator to look into the matter.