NCWITNational Center for Women and Information Technology
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The NCWIT is a partnership of more than 300 businesses, schools and other organizations committed to the goal of increasing women's participation in technology and computing.
Microsoft's support of NCWIT reinforces the company's commitment to address critical shortages of females in the talent pipeline, from getting young girls interested in science and technology through advanced education in computer science, computer engineering and related disciplines.
The new cohort of NCWIT Pacesetters kicks off its two-year commitment with a meeting at the University of California at Santa Cruz on February 25, 2013.
In a generally male dominated technology industry, women's voices play a vital role in helping companies innovate and create the products and services that we all use today," said Brad Feld, chairman of NCWIT.
During the event, NCWIT CEO and Co-Founder Lucy Sanders will provide an overview on the landscape of women in technology and innovation, including the current status of women's participation, the momentous growth of K-12 computer science education, and research findings on the benefits of diversity.
Symantec sponsors the NCWIT Student Seed Fund, which to-date has distributed $25,500 in funding to 44 student-run programs at universities and colleges nationwide.
NCWIT data shows that although women hold more than half of all the professional positions in the U.
In addition to the national competition, NCWIT offers 54 local affiliate competitions serving 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.
These outstanding individuals are measurably increasing the participation and retention of undergraduate women in computing, by using research opportunities to guide them to graduate school and professional careers," said NCWIT CEO, Lucy Sanders.
NCWIT's impact can be seen in the increased enrollment of women within the computing and IT departments of its Academic Alliance members, the demand for more than 400,000 copies of its research-backed resources, and the nearly 1,000 high school women who have received awards, scholarships, and support through the NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing.
Moreover, looking beyond its own workforce, TCS also contributed heavily toward the promotion of education, inspiration and mentoring for women and underserved groups through strategic partnerships with national and respected STEM advocacy institutions and campaigns, including US2020, STEMconnector, Million Women Mentors, NPower, NCWIT, and Teach For America (TFA).
The NCWIT Summit convenes stakeholders who believe the lack of women studying computing and pursuing careers in technology is a crisis affecting U.