NCWMNational Conference on Weights and Measures
NCWMNon-Cell Wall Material
NCWMNormal Control White Matter
NCWMNadir Calibration Window Mechanism (environmental physics)
NCWMNetwork Coding for Wireless Mesh Networks
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The States immediately recognized the need for uniform laws and regulations and the first "model weights and measures law" was offered to the NCWM by NBS as early as 1907 and first adopted by a State (New Jersey) in 1911.
Slowly and steadily, State and local government agencies have adopted weights and measures laws and regulations patterned after the models provided by NBS to the NCWM.
Nonetheless, a general uniformity of standards and practices across the nation had been achieved by the partnership between NBS and the volunteer officers of the NCWM back in their home jurisdictions.
The NCWM has evolved from an annual meeting to an ongoing year-round organization with volunteer contributions from State and local weights and measures regulatory officials, measuring device manufacturers, food and consumer packaging industries, Federal officials, and consumer advocates.
Department of Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker asking her to encourage the National Institute of Standards and Technology, which works closely with NCWM, to support the adoption of DGE standards.
This year, NCWM is focused on education," said Tyson, "education for service technicians, education for inspectors, education for the businesses, and education for consumers.
The NCWM is a national professional organization that develops consensus standards in such areas as weighing and measuring device regulation, commodity regulation, motor fuel quality and administration of regulatory weights and measures programs.
The NCWM is actively involved with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) of U.
Together they will guide the NCWM through its various forums, conferences and training programs which are aimed at assisting both the regulatory official and the regulated industry.